It’s Pie Season at Pine Tree Apple Orchard

Nov 1, 2023

Pine Tree Apple Orchard

The Pine Tree Apple Orchard has been a go-to spot for families, partners and everyone interested in enjoying high quality, locally grown apples and delicately baked pastries.

During the Autumn months, the Pine Tree Apple Orchard is particularly popular for their incredible forest scenery and beautiful surroundings. Paired with the glories of nature, they make the most of their fruits and create truly mouth-watering treats for anybody to indulge in. You can know that you’re eating quality food made with the best ingredients: love and care. By the way, Pine Tree Orchard’s apple cider served piping hot is a wonderful holiday treat. Call ahead to reserve your holiday pies. They’re also open on Thanksgiving from 9 am-Noon for reserved pie pickup to make it convenient for you. Coming soon are holiday gift ideas. Check out the gift boxes and baskets for shipping or local giving. They still have a great selection of Minnesota grown apples. They have seasonal hours and are open thru February.

Owned by the Jacobson family since 1954, and existing since 1904, the orchard has been growing incredible fruits for well over a century. The Jacobson’s take pride in their fruits, and you can tell. It’s a very prolific business and a must-see for people of all age ranges, families, partners and people just looking for a good time at a great orchard.

Have you given any thought to Thanksgiving dinner yet?

This Thanksgiving, make sure you order a delectable pie from the Pine Tree Apple Orchard, their homemade fresh options have various types of Apple delights, with some other options such as Strawberry Rhubarb and the perfect Thanksgiving seasonal treat, Pumpkin Pie! All baked to perfection and guaranteed to complement your wonderful dinner. 

Order your holiday pies and treats at Pine Tree Apple Orchard or call 651.429.7202!

Baskets of Apples
Strawberry Pie

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